Time to up the descending factor and get down! Learn the skill to get those bikes up to the mountain top, soak up the views and then practice techniques with certified coaches all the way to the bottom, whether its steep descending corners or hitting some jumps!


Have a tailored lesson to your goals, taught by certified coaches 

Choose the length of the lesson
Choose a solo or group lesson
Choose your certified coach 
Any ability - brand new beginner to strong intermediate/experienced rider 
Flexible Instruction topics, matched to your lesson/riding goals



 When purchasing your private lesson, we learn all about you and your riding (and those coming along if you have a group lesson).


What are your riding goals, where are you starting from, how you approach challenges on the trail and most importantly, what do you want to learn!

Your coach and the SheShreds team work with you to decide the lesson topics (typically 2-3 topics per 2 hour lesson). Things like gearing, braking while descending, or cornering. All our lessons start with an overview of positions and balance but for a beginner lesson we expand into these foundational topics. 


If you would like, we take these skills to the trail for an ability-appropriate trail ride and practice these skills when and where you'll need to apply them. 

Our COVID-19 protocols have modified our approach slightly. For the most up to date modifications, please refer to our COVID-19 protocols here as well as our proposed Levels of operations here.


Lessons are open to humans ages 7+. Group sizes over 5 become difficult to manage with one coach, so email us and let us work with you to find a lesson that works for you!   


Private lessons are primarily done in the Edmonton River Valley within the over 150 km of single track available within city limits! 


Choose the trails closest to your house, a trail with the features you want to work on or anything else. Asking for suggestions based on your goals works too!  


If you're out on the trails with SheShreds, we want you to have a blast! To make sure you have the best experience, we have to get to know you and your abilities on a bike better. We gather this information when you purchase your lesson. 

Our private lessons are custom to your goals and your ability level. If you have a group lesson and there are a variety of abilities, we may recommend an additional coach to ensure that everyone gets progressive skill development. 

To speak the same language, our Ability descriptions can be found here. Letting us know which ability group suits you best helps us create a great lesson for you. 


​It is recommended that you speak with your physician about starting any new physical activity. In addition, a health-based questionnaire is required by all SheShreds members.



  •  Arrive prepared to ride, dressed for the weather with all mandatory equipment  

  • Observe all laws

  • Ride Responsibly - always be in control of your bike

  • Be courteous to other trail users, ring your bell when approaching

  • Leave no trace and take care of our trails: no littering and no skidding

  • Leave a distance of 2 bike lengths between you and the rider in front of you

  • When stopped on the trail, pull over to the side to let others pass easily

  • Communicate with your fellow riders about trail intersections​

  • You are responsible for the rider behind you

  • Buffs/masks are mandatory. Other COVID-19 protocols can be found here

  • Carry your own tube, multi-tool and tire levers

  • Cheer on and bring up your fellow rider! We are all trying our best and facing our fears. Any mean spirited comments or actions will not be tolerated.

  • Poor trail conditions may result in a lesson being cancelled at any time prior to the start date, but every effort will be made to choose alternate trails in better condition. One date reschedule will be accommodated for Private lessons. Private lessons will not run if lightning is present and cancelled immediately if lightning is sighted.  


Our comprehensive insurance policy extends to include all instructional/coaching components of our programming.

Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport, even with instructors and practice, and we want to be sure that if something were to happen, we are all protected. 


Life happens, for both our participants, our team at SheShreds. Things like pandemics, injuries, illness or the changing mountain weather. Find out all your options here, prior to purchasing any of our services. 

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Private Lessons


Private lessons are completely customizable to your goals, meeting you wherever you are at in your mountain bike life. Learn more here.