Bike School Membership

Bike School Membership


Your application was rad and we can't wait to shred with you!


Upon receipt of your payment, SheShreds will send you a SmartWaiver waiver package which includes the following documents for your review and signature: 

- Insurance Waiver 

- SheShreds waiver confirmation 

- Physical Activity Readiness - Questionnaire 

- SheShreds Client Hold Harmless Agreement (COVID-19) - this includes our  COVID procedures, plans for possible government restriction levels, and our cancelation policy. 

- Media Release


In your application, there were links to the documents to review prior to submitting so that you can consult legal council or medical guidance. If you require more time for this consultation, that's completely ok, just let us know.


If you do not agree to these waivers, also just let us know so we can offer your slot to another applicant. 


Within a week, please complete the electronic signing of the documents. You will need to confirm your identify by clicking a link from an email in your inbox to complete signing. 


We are so excited to ride bikes with you! 

Dee and the SheShreds #bikesquad