• CSA approved Helmet

  • A bike in good repair with a bell (it is the law)! If you are unsure about your bike handling the river valley trails, please email clear pictures of your bike from a few angles 

  • Valid ID – we need you to carry identification and cell phones are always recommended

  • Water and snacks to bring on the trail (plan for 1.5-2.5 hours depending on group level)

  • Closed toed shoes are mandatory. NO SANDALS.

  • Buff or cloth mask that can be worn over the nose and mouth 

  • Your laminated SheShreds membership card (you'll get this on your first ride)

COVID-19 Procedures: 

  • Self-Screen for symptoms prior to attending each event

  • Participants, coaches and leaders must wash hands for 20 seconds immediately prior to attending an event (as well as after!)

  • SheShreds will provide a means to sanitize hands and disinfect equipment at all rides

  • All participants, leaders and coaches are to perform respiratory etiquette (e.g. coughing or sneezing into a bent elbow, prompt disposing of used tissues in the trash or kept in a pocket until a garbage is found)

  • All participants, leaders and coaches are to refrain from touching their face 

  • Coaches and leaders are not to touch participants bikes 

  • All participants, leaders and coaches should stay 2 m apart

  • If it is necessary to break the 2 m recommendation (e.g. an injury) all coaches, leaders and participants must wear a buff or cloth mask over their nose and mouth and if necessary to touch another person, wear gloves. 



  • It is HIGHLY recommended you bring an extra tube for your bike, as well as a bike tool and bike tire levers. - SheShreds is a "no drop group" and we will help you as much as possible if you have a mechanical issue. It is good practice to be self-sufficient.

  • Clips are not ideal for our lesson format (clinics, Bike School and private lessons). Flat pedals are strongly recommended for a variety of reason, including a safer learning environment. For Shredder's rides, clips are fine if this is what you are used to. 

  • Gloves and glasses are highly recommended for protecting your hands and your eyes.

  • Chamois (bike underwear) is also a highly highly highly recommended investment. 


  • In addition to all of the above, it is recommended to wear weather appropriate clothing. Baselayers, ski socks, layers that breathe. Dress for being active, not for the parking lot/standing around. 

  • Gloves with fingers (not mittens) are recommended to operate the bike (brakes, gear shifters).

  • Ski goggles are preferred over sunglasses by some folks

  • A thermos of tea is also highly underrated!


If you are riding at dawn/dusk or at night, lights become a necessity. This is our recommendations: 


Rear light

Helmet light

Handlbar light​

  • Points directly in front of the bike

  • This one has a great mount

  • Yes, two lights pointing forwards. One aimed at where you bike is going, one aimed at where you are looking!