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  • CSA approved Helmet

  • A bike in good repair with a bell (it is the law)! If you are unsure about your bike handling the trails in the area of your ride, please email clear pictures of your bike from a few angles 

  • Valid ID – we need you to carry identification and cell phones are always recommended

  • Water and snacks to bring on the trail (amount depends on the ride length)

  • Closed toed shoes are mandatory. NO SANDALS

  • Weather appropriate clothing (Mountain Adventure weekend clinic participants are encouraged to bring options for changing weather!) 

  • Bike School & Shredders: Your laminated SheShreds membership card (you'll get this on your first ride)

COVID-19 Procedures: 

  • Self-Screen for symptoms prior to attending each event

  • SheShreds will provide a means to sanitize hands and disinfect equipment at all rides

  • If it is necessary to break the 2 m social distancing recommendation (e.g. an injury) all coaches, leaders and participants must wear a buff or cloth mask over their nose and mouth and if necessary to touch another person, wear gloves. 



  • It is HIGHLY recommended you bring an extra tube for your bike, as well as a bike tool and bike tire levers - SheShreds is a "no drop group" and we will help you as much as possible if you have a mechanical issue. It is good practice to be self-sufficient.

  • Clips are not ideal for our lesson format (all clinics, Bike School and private lessons). Flat pedals are strongly recommended for a variety of reason, including a safer learning environment. For Shredder's rides, clips are fine if this is what you are used to. 

  • Gloves and glasses are highly recommended for protecting your hands and your eyes.

  • Chamois (bike underwear) is also a highly highly highly recommended investment. 

  • Sunscreen/bug spray

  • Knee pad/shin pad/elbow pad/body armour - this is highly personal but if it makes you feel more comfortable, wear it! 

  • Mountain Adventure Clinic: Full face helmet - not required, but if you have one and it makes you feel more comfortable, wear it. Our Golden BC clinic involves more climbing so take this into consideration (that helmet will get HOT). 


  • In addition to all of the above, it is recommended to wear weather appropriate clothing. Base layers, ski socks, and layers that breathe. Dress for being active, not for the parking lot/standing around - the "Be Bold, Start Cold" theory applies :) 

  • Gloves with fingers (not mittens) are recommended to operate the bike (brakes, gear shifters).

  • Ski goggles are preferred over sunglasses by some folks

  • A thermos of tea is also highly underrated!


If you are riding at dawn/dusk or at night, lights become a necessity. This is our recommendations: 


Rear light

  • Red and flashing

  • Attached to your seat post

  • This one is chargeable and great for commuting

Helmet light

Handlebar light​

Yes, two lights pointing forwards. One aimed at where you bike is going, one aimed at where you are looking! 

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