SheShreds breaks our ability levels into 3 options for Bike School and Clinics (Ninjas, RocksStars, HotShots) and 2 options for Shredders (Cruisers and Zoomers). Please pick the ability description that suits you best so that we can pair you with a group with similar skill sets for the program you want to participate in.

​SheShreds focuses on beginner and intermediate level programs. New to mountain biking - great, we would love to have you! Got a bike a few years ago and would like to ride it with more confidence - sounds like a plan! Done a few mountain trips and looking to slay those berms with a bit more technique - we would love to help ya!

Looking to perfect your technique down a double-black trail and improve your race times - whoa pony! SheShreds weekly rides isn't a good fit for you, and we suggest looking into the Hot Shots clinic or one of our Mountain Adventure clinics.


If you are a kick-ass advanced rider looking for advanced lessons (black rated jumps, drops etc), we can help you out with that with some tailored private instruction with our Level 2 coach! If you are an advanced rider looking for a challenging weekly ride, contact us and we can direct you to another awesome ride group (like the Hardcore ride group). 


Ninjas are gals who are new to ‘single-track’ mountain biking and are looking to build confidence and techniques focusing on balance, gearing, braking and foundational skills. Ninja’s may have ridden on gravel paths, sidewalks, asphalt paths  and firm, wider dirt trails and are getting comfortable on a bike.


These gals are more intimidated when it comes to riding over roots & small logs, unknown trails and descending. Ninja group rides spend more time building skills,  but still makes time for a fun ride. 


This group stops and re-groups often to rest, hydrate as well as to chat about and practice challenging trail features. No one is left behind and we stay on green, progressing through the season to simple blue trails. 


Examples of trails used at the start of the season: Canada Cup Network-1 (Old Timers), Birdhouse, Moonraker, Flatter Pete.


RockStars are in-between Ninjas and HotShots. RockStars are building their skills but confidence wanes when on more challenging trails with technical features like steep descents, wood features and rooty climbs. Sometimes shifting and braking can be challenging.


The RockStars group spends more time sessioning (riding a tricky part of the trail multiple times) than HotShots, but moves through features more quickly than Ninjas.


This group focuses on developing technical skills and applying the right skill at the right time. No one is left behind and we stay on green and blue trails, progressing through more technical trails throughout the season. 


Examples of trails used at the start of the season: West Coast Trail, Holy Trail, Blue Man Group, LOV, West beach.


HotShots love single-track riding and have a good foundation of skills.  They are comfortable on descents and 90min+ rides.


These riders are looking to finesse their skills by developing cornering, descending and technical climbing through re-focusing on body position and other foundational skills. The HotShots group rides move at a faster pace, with minimal sessioning, while still focusing on applying and fine tuning established technical skills.


The HotShots re-groups occasionally  to rest, hydrate and discuss/session trail features. No one is left behind and this group focuses on blue trails, progressing to more technical trails and features throughout the season.


Please note that HotShots approximate an intermediate rider and that BikeSchool does not accept advanced riders. We got private lessons for that!


Examples of trails used at the start of the season: Dirty Mattress, The Trap, Caddyshack,  Twisted Sister, Six Shooter, Ray Gun.


For Bike School applicants, a detailed questionnaire will be a part of your application to better assess your abilities to pair you with an instructor or group that will meet your current skill set and goals. ​


For our Edmonton Clinic participants, Biking 101 clinic aligns with the Ninjas description while our Hot Shots clinic aligns with the Hot Shots description. 

For our Mountain Adventure Clinic participants, participants should be strong Rock Stars or Hot Shots to get the most out of these weekends. 

Each group will 

  • start and end at the same location

  • have the same instructional topic 

  • ride different trails (if starting at the same location)

  • adhere to the COVID-19 procedures and Level of Operations, based on current restrictions

All Bike School members are strongly encouraged to only participate in this program for a maximum of 2 seasons, to let others have the opportunity to join and learn. If you would like to apply for a third season, please know that newer applicants will be prioritized. The Shredders program would be a good option for those who have participated for 2 years in Bike School. 


For Shredder applicants, you are able to select the ride level that suits you on a week-by-week basis. 

Each ride level will 


The Shredder's ride is a strong beginner and intermediate level program. New to mountain biking and beginner riders are not recommended for this group. Please consider Bike School or join us at our clinics for some instruction on fundamentals or book a private lesson. 

Shredders may choose each week to go with the Cruisers or Zoomers depending on energy levels, friends in the group or any other reason. Leaders may ask folks to volunteer to move to the other group if the numbers are out of balance. 

Each group will 

There are no restrictions in the number of years you can participate in the Shredders ride! 



Cruisers are considered strong beginner riders looking for a fun ride with a good pace on moderate blue trails. 

Cruisers aren't looking for coaching or instruction on how to tackle a feature, but are looking to improve by getting out on the trails often, learning new trails and watching other riders ahead of them. 

This group stops to regroup and for water breaks. As with all our groups, no one is left behind. 

Comparing to the Bike School ability groups, this group would be similar to the Rock Stars group described above. 


Zoomers are intermediate riders looking to challenge themselves with a faster pace on blue trails (both technical and flow). 

Zoomers aren't looking for coaching or instruction on how to ride a trail or feature, but are looking to improve by getting out on stimulating trails, trying new lines on features and getting more comfortable with speed. 

This group stops occasionally to regroup and for water breaks. As with all our groups, no one is left behind

Comparing to the Bike School ability groups, this group would be similar to the RockStars group described above, touching into the Hot Shots ability level.