Bike School is your mountain bike instruction and ride all in one. Each Tuesday, we focus on one aspect of mountain bike life and structure the class all around it - could be finding the 'right' gear, conquering wood bridges, or cornering using your body.  Explore Edmonton's incredible trail system and river valley and get better on your bike with rad women. 



20 Instructional weekly classes
Certified coaches (PMBI & BICP)
3 Ability levels 
Low Instructor to participant ratios
Year-round events (Apr2021-Mar2022)
Mechanical clinics, night rides, winter rides, trail days
Discounts with Hardcore Bikes
Women only group
Over 50 hours of instruction for $300  

Applications are SOLD OUT and the waitlist is now closed 



 That's the design we follow in our weekly ride - take one topic in mountain biking (like braking or cornering), have certified coaches talk about why it's important and break down how to do it. Then we show you some demos and then its time for you to practice gradually until we're feeling good. Afterwards, we take it to the trail, where we choose ability-appropriate trails and identify and practice those topics right on the trails you know and love. 

Our COVID-19 protocols have modified our approach slightly. For the most up to date modifications, please refer to our COVID-19 protocols here as well as our proposed Levels of operations here.


We aren't going for distances or your next Strava PB, but provide quality instruction on how to improve on your mountain bike, no matter where you start. 


A special type of magic happens in the forest with a bunch of women, which is why we limit our Bike School participants to ladies only (we do have some awesome male coaches though!) If you identify as female, know that you are welcome.  


We meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 (find our Bike School Calendar here).  Locations change weekly and are spread out all over Edmonton & area - learn your local trails

and some new ones.


Continuing in 2021 - we've kept our monthly rides and mechanical clinics into the winter! 



If you're hanging with SheShreds in the river valley, we want you to have a blast! To make sure you have the best experience, we have to get to know you and your abilities on a bike better.

Bike School is a beginner and intermediate level program. New to mountain biking - great, we would love to have you! Got a bike a few years ago and would like to ride it with more confidence - sounds like a plan! Done a few mountain trips and looking to slay those berms with a bit more technique - we would love to help ya!

Looking to perfect your technique down a double-black trail and improve your race times - whoa pony! Bike School isn't the group for you. If you are a kick-ass advanced rider, contact us and we can direct you to another awesome ride group (like the Hardcore ride group). If you are looking for advanced lessons (jumps, drops etc), we can also help you out with that with some tailored private instruction!


When finding the ability group that best suits you, consider your fitness level as well. It is recommended that you speak with your physician about starting any new physical activity. In addition, a health-based questionnaire is required by all SheShreds members.

Ability descriptions can be found here. Please pick the category that suits you best so that we can pair you with a group with similar skill sets. In addition, a detailed questionnaire will be a part of your application to better assess your abilities to pair you with an instructor and a group that will meet your current skill set and goals. ​


  •  Arrive prepared to ride, dressed for the weather with all mandatory equipment (6:15 is the sweet spot!) 

  • Observe all laws

  • Ride Responsibly - always be in control of your bike

  • Be courteous to other trail users, ring your bell when approaching

  • Leave no trace and take care of our trails: no littering and no skidding

  • Leave a distance of 2 bike lengths between you and the rider in front of you

  • When stopped on the trail or sidewalk, pull over to the side to let others pass easily

  • Communicate with your ride group about traffic and route/trail intersections​

  • You are responsible for the rider behind you

  • Inform your ride leader if you are hurt, need to stop, or are leaving the ride early. Riders who leave are no longer covered by SheShreds insurance and do so at their own risk

  • Buffs/masks are mandatory. Other COVID-19 protocols can be found here

  • Carry your own tube, multi-tool and tire levers

  • Cheer on and bring up your fellow rider! We are all trying our best and facing our fears. Any mean spirited comments or actions will not be tolerated.

  • Cancellations will be posted on the members section of this website and emailed to members 2 hours prior to event start times. Bike School and Clinics will not run if lightning is present and cancelled immediately if lightning is sighted.  




Our comprehensive insurance policy extends to include all instructional/coaching components of our program. We are not affiliated with Alberta Bicycling Association (ABA)'s group ride insurance and do not offer their "Try-It-Out" ride coverage or a secondary membership. 


Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport, even with instructors and practice, and we want to be sure that if something were to happen, we are all protected. 


Life happens, for both our participants, our team at SheShreds. Things like pandemics, injuries, illness or our fickle prairie weather. Find out all your options here, prior to purchasing any of our services. 




If our past seasons are any indication, our Bike School memberships sell out very quickly. Like 12 hours quickly. To allow for a more fair playing field, we are accepting applications this season for 1 week (or until we reach 80 applications for 42 spots). This allows us to get to know you and be sure we are the best fit for you. We also added some more details to our application about your riding abilities to better place you in the appropriate group (as well as taking into consideration where you place yourself).


Don't worry - it's fun and silly, just like SheShreds. It is fairly long so leave some time to answer thoughtfully!

Application forms are sold out for the 2021 season, and our waitlist is also closed. Come back in late winter/early spring 2022! 


With the support of Trek Bicycles, Bontrager Equipment, and Hardcore Bicycles, SheShreds is proud to offer you this awesome membership for $350 + tax & fees.

Fees include:


  • Certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructors instructors guiding and coaching you every ride (over 50 hrs of small group instruction)

  • 20 rides & 6 events (~$13 per ride/event)

  • events include a welcome event (1), mechanical clinics (3) and trail days​ (2)

  • 10% off bikes, parts and accessories at Hardcore Bikes (in stock)

  • Swag from Trek Bicycles

  • DirtSeries Discounts: 15% group discount (6 or more) for the same camp, 10% for any SheShreds members at any camp (cannot be combined) 

  • Comprehensive insurance that covers instruction and all participants 

  • Optional additional purchase of our awesome SheShreds jersey for $75 

Note: All events are subject to modification due to COVID. Please review our COVID-19 safety Protocols and Level of Operations as well as our Cancelation policy. 


Applications open for 2022 in late winter/early spring!