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From weekly "bike school" to mountain adventures, we wanna shred with you! Established in 2015, SheShreds MTB offers a variety of instructional women's mountain bike programs in Edmonton, Alberta (Amiskwaciy-wâskahikan, ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᕀ) as well as all gender clinics in the Rocky Mountains! 


Come get rad and ride with us! Our 2024 programming has been adjusted for increased social distancing and sanitation procedures due to COVID-19 and will be modified according to changing local and provincial guidelines. More details can be found within the specific program details - or just ask us! 


We ride as part of Revolution Cycle-Sherwood Park, Ottalaus Inc and supported by

7 Summit Snacksthebridgefit, Good Day Optics and SunShine Bldg Products.


Hashtag us in your sweet riding pictures: #sheshredsMTB  #triplepeakadventures #HESHREDSTOO #WEESHRED  #getshredding 


A focused lesson paired with lots of practice - that's the design we follow in the SheShreds MTB approach, whether in a private lesson, our clinics, our weekend adventures or our weekly Bike School. 


We take one topic in mountain biking, have certified coaches talk about why it's important and break down how to do it. Throw in some demos and then its time for you to practice gradually until we're feeling good. Then we take it to the trail, where we choose ability-appropriate trails and identify and practice those topics right on the trails in our river valley. 

SheShreds MTB isn't worried about going big distances or being the fastest on Strava. We know that being slow and precise (and drills and skills!) translates into being fast and smooth as your biking improves, and we can't wait to help! 


SheShreds MTB provides quality instruction on how to improve on your mountain bike, no matter where you start. 


We work best with support from our amazing sponsors. They help us run this operation, have motivating active lifestyles and are often found having a blast outside! 


Thanks to this support, our SheShreds MTB members have access to awesome discounts, excellent expertise and superior service. 



SheShreds MTB has a commitment to the trails that we ride. As part of Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA), SheShreds MTB is part of the Adopt-A-Trail program, assigned to take care of Old Timers Cabin, which is great, cause we spend a bunch of time in this area! We organize and host Trail Days throughout the season (open to the public!) and provide guidance, expertise and resources to complete approved trail work. 

Our 2024 trail days are open to the public, but please reach out so that we can keep track of numbers and send waivers 


2024 Dates June 6 & July 25, 2024 


"I thought the group sizes were great. The instructors were ALL AMAZING. I thought there was a great variety of ride types and terrain and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed some of the things that I didn't think I would (hello pumptrack!)."

- Bike School participant, 2018

"Great groups of women. Lots of stoke and high fives. Well thought out instruction. Also great getting to learn from a few different instructors with different backgrounds and abilities."

- Bike School participant, 2018

"All in all a wonderful season. Thank you for letting me be part of the She Shreds family. I learned so much and I met so many rad people. My confidence grew so much this season and now, riding at the end of the season, and putting everything I have learned together......I see that I have actually REALLY improved!"

- Bike School participant, 2019

"Small group size allowed for much more riding and personalized tips/tricks from instructors. Enjoyed being able to ride the same trail 2-3 times in one evening before moving on to the next. Appreciated exploring trails in different parts of the city and having a brief pre-amble on a bike topic before the ride. "

- Bike School participant, 2019

"Even though I'm an intermediate rider, having someone break things down for you and bring it back to the basics was great. There are lots of things that you may do intuitively, but once someone actually points it out, it allows you to do it more consciously and effectively."

- Clinic participant, 2019

"Had an amazing season with you Dee and all your fabulous instructors! While it was nice to have some consistency with instructors from week to week, switching things up on occasion gave an opportunity to learn from a different tip or trick (or just a different way of explaining things). I feel like I improved so much! Smaller group sizes also let me get to know my fellow SheShredders a bit better (as did pub night and parking lot bevies)"

- SheShredder, 2017




Life happens, for both our participants, our team at SheShreds MTB. Things like pandemics, injuries, illness or our fickle prairie weather. Find out all your options here, prior to purchasing any of our services. 

Cancelation Policy
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