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Our coaches are the core of SheShreds: their passion and love for bikes translate to effective instruction and lots of fun on the trails. Our coaches are all certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructors (PMBI)a or Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP) and have extensive experience with coaching outdoors activities. 


We work closely with Dirt Series, and you'll many of our coaches at their awesome weekend camps. Private coaching, through SheShreds is also available if that suits your learning style. 


Our founder, Dee Turner was a Trek Women's Ambassador, for 5 years, and continues with the mission of getting more women on more bikes more often! What an awesome gig! 


If you are interested in developing as a rider and learning to coach, reach out and let us know. Requirements include general radness and always having trail snacks and bug spray.  


Janet is all-things biking! She competes in cross races on a single sped bike, rides XC and DH. Janet has been involved with Trek Dirt Series for 13 years, a Whistler-based instruction weekend program for mountain bikers, and the Devon Bears, a youth mountain biking program out of Devon with the Devon Bicycle Association. She’s our resident bike guru and where we go for our mechanical questions, mostly because her day job involves fixing airplanes! Janet is a certified PMBI Level 1, Endless Biking Level 1 and 2 and Whistler Bike Park Guide as well as developing cycling skill courses and content  for the National Canadian Coach Training NCCP program. Janet focuses on our more advanced riders and leads our jumping clinics and sessions and we are so happy to have her coach with SheShreds.

JANET                     *available for private lessons

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See Jane play! Jane is an enthusiastic, outdoors-loving, socially-minded gal who believes in the power of play. Both a cross-country skiing and canoeing certified coach, Jane has taken to mountain biking like a wheel to trail, and has a lot of fun techniques to translate words to in-person skill development. Jane has her Professional Mountain Biking Instruction (PMBI) Level 1 certification, and is coaching our beginner riders. Ask Jane about her adorable puppy - you will not regret it. 

JANE                       *available for private lessons


Ellen puts the fun in biking, which is already pretty fun! Always celebrating and inviting others to share the stoke, Ellen is a wonderful addition to the SheShreds coaching team as a person who loves the outdoors, appreciates exercise and looks at the bright side of any experience. Working with our RockStars, she will be helping to transform experienced beginners into strong intermediate riders - capable and confident with Edmonton trails and beyond! A kind heart, a great smile and strong hands (as a Registered Massage Therapist), Ellen fits right in with our lady crew and we can’t wait to see her develop as a coach!



Tamara gets us those chill vibes we need. This easy-going coach carefully observes participants to focus on rider development through foundational skills like position and balance. Super supportive and encouraging, she is great on the trail with one-on-one feedback. As a PMBI Level 1 certified coach, she coaches SheShreds' beginner and intermediate riders, when she isn’t shredding the mountains around Valemount every chance she can get. If you are looking to move from an experienced beginner to a confident intermediate - this is your gal.

TAMARA                  *available for private lessons

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Welcome Sue-Anne to the SheShreds crew! Pumped to have your fresh face as part of our crew for this season, Sue-Anne is ever-curious, determined and knows how to have a great time - all the qualities of a great mountain bike coach! A lover of adventures - especially with a bike - Sue-Anne will bring an awesome energy to our team alongside Jane with our Ninja crew. 



This firecracker makes biking fun! A mum (to 2 teenage boys!), a realtor and a fun-spirit, Jodi has a supportive, infectious personality to help you through challenges on the trail and in between our ears. She’s been biking on her home trails in Terwillegar for several years and has always been active - always trying new things.  Jodi has had three years with her Professional Mountain Biking Instruction (PMBI) Level 1 certification, and has been with SheShreds working with our beginner and intermediate riders, building confidence in our members every week. Jodi excels at private lessons with her causal approach, backed by theory and experience. You’ll find her chasing her boys down the trails – but you’ll probably hear her laughing before you see her!

JODI                       *available for private lessons


David has been playing around on bikes since 1989, starting riding hardtails with only one inch of travel bouncing around the river valley and then to the mountains. David honed his skills riding the technical single track in Whistler BC during the early 1990s, and then progressed into XC racing. David is a teacher of many fun outdoors things like snowboarding and biking with his CASI Level 2 instructor and PMBI Level 1 & 2 instructor certifications. Since he has retired from officially going fast (racing) in 2000, David has been raising his 3 kids in Edmonton and works alongside Trek as a brand ambassador, rolling through life on two wheels. He is currently working towards his PMBI Level 3 certification - go David go!! We are lucky to have a patient, warm, rad fella like David in our ranks!

DAVID                     *available for private lessons


Beer connoisseur, dog mom and MS fighter, Molly amazes us with her tenacity, her realness and her whip-smart wit. Super supportive and encouraging, she is great on the trail and with one-on-one instruction. As a PMBI Level 1 certified coach for three years, and working with Mud, Sweat and Gears women’s ride she knows all about successful skill progression building confidence. Molly is also an advocate for MS research, helping to ensure the success of the @sg_front_forks , a team for fundraising for MS cycling related events like #FatBikes4MS, a major annual social ride in our city. We are so excited to have this east-coaster in the Edmonton river valley and hanging with us!

MOLLY                    *available for private lessons


Dee has been riding the river valley since 2008 and holds a PMBI Level 1 certification. With a background in downhill racing (pssst - she was the 2019 National DH Master’s women champ), backcountry snowboarding and triathlons, Dee realized that something was missing in Edmonton’s bike community: education-based women’s-specific group ride; so she did something about it and SheShreds came to life!  Along with her work with Trek Bikes, Dee also coaches for Dirt Series, a Whistler-based instruction weekend program for mountain bikers, coaching riders from all over Canada and the US.  While she won’t be coaching this year, she will remain as Director of Fun, managing all things SheShreds and supporting all our awesome coaches and leaders to ensure our participants build skills while having a fantastic experience.



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Some of our coaches make themselves available for private lessons. We do our best to accommodate your availability and your coach preference, but either way your private lesson will be paired with an awesome certified coach!