Build skills and learn techniques in an afternoon

3 hour clinics in the river valley
Certified coaches (PMBI & BICP)
Options for Brand new Beginners to Intermediates
Low Instructor to participant ratios
Women only participants 
Static, dynamic and riding demos with progressive skill building 
Stunt features 

No matter where you are starting at, improving your skills in an afternoon can't be beat. Learn from certified mountain bike instructors the foundational skills to improve your riding, build confidence and start or keep shredding!



 That's the design we follow in all our programs: take one topic in mountain biking (like positions or braking), have certified coaches talk about why it's important and break down how to do it. We show you some demos and then its time for you to practice gradually and with progressive challenges until we're feeling good.


In our Biking 101 clinic, we take it to the trail, where we choose ability-appropriate trails and identify and practice those topics on "real life features". 

In our Hot Shots clinic, we keep the focus on grass skills, with ramps and stunts to challenge riders and finesse skills. 

Our COVID-19 protocols have modified our approach slightly. For the most up to date modifications, please refer to our COVID-19 protocols here as well as our proposed Levels of operations here.


A special type of magic happens in the forest with a bunch of women, which is why we limit our clinic participants to ladies only (we do have some awesome male coaches though!) If you identify as female, know that you are welcome.  If you would like to learn some techniques and do not identify as female, email us and we can discuss setting up a private lesson.  


Our Biking 101 clinic is held in Mill Creek. We focus most of our lesson on skills and drills done on open grass fields and some short sections of trail. 

Our Hot Shots clinic is held at Emily Murphy Park. We focus on grass field skills and take advantage of the large grass hill for switchbacks and jumps. 



If you're out on the trails with SheShreds, we want you to have a blast! To make sure you have the best experience, we have to get to know you and your abilities on a bike better.

Our Edmonton clinics are for brand new beginners to intermediate level riders. Biking 101 is suited to brand new beginners to strong beginners and the Hot Shots clinic is for intermediates. 


When finding the ability group that best suits you, consider your fitness level as well. The Biking 101 clinic has a short trail ride (less than 3 km) while the Hot Shots clinic involves a few short climbs to the top of the grass hill. 

Ability descriptions can be found here. Please pick the category that suits you best. In addition, a detailed questionnaire will be a part of your purchase to better assess your abilities. 


​It is recommended that you speak with your physician about starting any new physical activity. In addition, a health-based questionnaire is required by all SheShreds participants. 


  •  Arrive prepared to ride, dressed for the weather with all mandatory equipment  

  • Observe all laws

  • Ride Responsibly - always be in control of your bike

  • Be courteous to other trail users, ring your bell when approaching

  • Leave no trace and take care of our trails: no littering and no skidding

  • Leave a distance of 2 bike lengths between you and the rider in front of you

  • When stopped on the trail, pull over to the side to let others pass easily

  • Communicate with your fellow riders about trail intersections​

  • You are responsible for the rider behind you

  • Buffs/masks are mandatory. Other COVID-19 protocols can be found here

  • Carry your own tube, multi-tool and tire levers

  • Cheer on and bring up your fellow rider! We are all trying our best and facing our fears. Any mean spirited comments or actions will not be tolerated.

  • Cancellations will be communicated to participants via email at minimum 10 days prior to the event. Poor trail conditions may result in a clinic being cancelled at any time prior to the start date, but every effort will be made to choose alternate trails/locations in better condition. Clinics will not run if lightning is present and cancelled immediately if lightning is sighted.  



Our comprehensive insurance policy extends to include all instructional/coaching components of our programming.

Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport, even with instructors and practice, and we want to be sure that if something were to happen, we are all protected. 


Life happens, for both our participants, our team at SheShreds. Things like pandemics, injuries, illness or the changing mountain weather. Find out all your options here, prior to purchasing any of our services. 



Biking 101 Clinic 

We get to know our bikes - all the important parts and how to adjust your bike to fit your awesome body.  We learn about the main body positions when biking down a trail- and why they make sense (time for a little physics!).  We play some balance games to get a feel for our range of motion. Then we get into all the handlebar bits: brakes and gearing.  At the end of the afternoon, you'll be ready to shred your local trails!  


Early Season Clinic (June 26th 2021) Learn more here

Late Season Clinic (September 11th 2021) Learn more here

Hot Shots Clinic 

We learn to move separately from the bike and how to direct the bike more efficiently. This leads to faster corners and better bike control. Rooty trails and curbs will be conquered by learning to use our fancy suspension and jumps will be jumped by learning that speed… is… our…. Friend! Climbing and descending switchbacks will be worked on and the skills to tackle these challenging trail features will be practiced and conquered! We will have our SheShreds stunts along with us to work on roll downs (where the trail drops away) in progressive steps to get you feeling confident.  Learn more here