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Weekly Event (April 26 - July 12 2022)


City wide rides

2022 Bike School Application - SPRING SESSION

Bike School: It's your bike instruction and ride all in one! For 12 weeks we focus on one aspect of mountain bike life and structure the ride and everything we teach about around that one aspect.

Applications Open March 28th 2022
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2022 Bike School Application - SPRING SESSION
2022 Bike School Application - SPRING SESSION

Time & Location

Weekly Event (April 26 - July 12 2022)

City wide rides, Edmonton, AB, Canada


About the event

Welcome to SheShreds Bike School application for the Spring Session (April 26th - July 12th 2022) 

All applications are subject to approval. This is to be sure that: 

- everyone has a better chance to apply, rather than a rush to the gate

- participants understand the instructional nature of this program (Please, please, please read the Bike School page on our website carefully) 

- participants are appropriate for the groups ability levels (no advanced group - if you are an advanced lady shredders please email us and ask us where would be a good fit)  

- Our SheShreds Cancelation Policy and COVID-19 procedures and plans have been reviewed, and participants have had the opportunity to consult a medical professional and/or lawyer, if needed

For the Spring session, 60 applications are available for 35 spots - once we reach 60 applications, we begin a 10 person waitlist (even if its before the 3 day application window). Applications are reviewed for appropriateness to their program/group and then a lottery system is applied. Applications from those new to SheShreds will be prioritized. All applications will recieve a response by April 9th, 2022.  Selected applicants will be sent a link for registration and secure payment through the SheShreds website Member Area.  Folks with applications not selected will be contacted to ask if they would like to be placed on the waitlist (in the order that their application was recieved) until the waitlist has reached 10 people. 

First event of the year is April 26th - a welcome event! First ride of the year is May 3rd and goes weekly until July 12th 2022. This year the first two rides (May 3rd and 10th) are MANDATORY ATTENDANCE to ensure all participants have the appropriate foundation of skills for future rides. If you cannot make these dates, it is your responsibility (and cost) to arrange a private lesson to catch up. This catch up must occur prior to May 31st or a 50% refund will be offered. This is outlined in our Cancelation policy. 

Locations span from Terwillegar to Kinsmen to Goldbar, exploring the entire Edmonton river valley (and beyond - Devon and the Sherwood Park Bike park are also in the mix!) so a consistent form of transportation is required. We vary our terrain from pump tracks, wood bridges, dirt trails, gravel grinds and dirt jumps, therefore hybrid or road bikes are not acceptable and a mountain bike is required (ridgid, hardtails and dual suspension mountain bikes are all fine). Instructors with specific mountain bike certification lead three ability groups (Ninjas, Rock Stars, Hot Shots) every week. Throughout the program, classes build upon one another, so consistent attendance is encouraged. 

It is our understanding that you have reviewed the Bike School program details and are aware of our ability groups, cancelation policy, COVID-19 procedures, and insurance coverage. 

And buckle up! Our Shredders application is beefy (and with a 20 min time limit) but we want to know all the important stuff to get you in the right place in our little bike squad! We recommend using a computer to fill in your application for faster writing and bigger text (rather than a phone).

Questions? Contact us via email:

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