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Weekly rides (May 17 - Sept 27 2023)


City wide rides

2023 Shredders Ride Group

What's better than shredding with your bike crew? Not much - which is why SheShreds MTB created a non-instructional ride group to meet up weekly and ride with trained leaders in 12 rotating locations around the city!

Applications Open March 13th 2023
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2023 Shredders Ride Group
2023 Shredders Ride Group

Time & Location

Weekly rides (May 17 - Sept 27 2023)

City wide rides , Edmonton, AB, Canada


About the event

Welcome to Shredders ride group!

All participants are subject to approval. This is to be sure that: 

- participants understand the NON-instructional nature of this program (Please, please, please read the Shredders page on our website carefully) 

- participants are appropriate for the group (beginners not recommended) 

- Our SheShreds Cancelation Policy and COVID-19 procedures and plans have been reviewed

50 spots available and once sold out a waitlist will be open if needed. Once your application is completed, you will be sent to the area to pay for your Shredders membership.  All accepted participants will recieve a welcome email and how to access the website Member Area & also a waiver package will be sent out that must be completed  by March 31st, 2023. Selected applicants will be sent a link for registration and secure payment through the SheShreds website Member Area.   We dont take applications for this program after July 1st 2023. 

First ride of the year is May 17th and our rides go until end of September 2023. 50 participants will be split into 2 groups meeting at different locations each week (Group A and Group B). If you have a friend that you want to ride with, please include their name in your application so that we can group you together. 

Locations span from Terwillegar to Kinsmen to Goldbar, exploring the entire Edmonton river valley (and beyond - Fort Sasatchewan and Devon are also in the mix!) so a consistent form of transportation is required. Our rides vary in terrain from gravel, dirt, pavement and wood bridges and therefore hybrid or road bikes are not acceptable and a mountain bike is required (ridgid, hardtails and dual suspension mountain bikes are all fine). Leaders with first aid certification lead two ability groups (Cruisers and Zoomers) every week, starting and ending at the same location.

For example, on the same date: 

Group A: Emily Murphy Park,  Cruiser and Zoomer Rides

Group B: Strathcona Science Park, Cruiser and Zoomer Rides

It is our understanding that you have reviewed the Shredder program details and are aware of our ability groups, cancelation policy, COVID-19 procedures, and insurance coverage.

And buckle up! Our Shredders application is beefy (and with a 20 min timelimit) but we want to know all the important stuff to get you in the right place in our little bike squad! We recommend using a computer to fill in your application (rather then a phone). 

Questions? Contact us via email:

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