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  • Non- Instructional weekly ride

  • Ability groups at each location

  • Women Inclusive: LGBTQ+ & BIPOC Inclusive

  • 12 locations around the city

  • Trail days

  • Leaders with First Aid training 

  • 20 rides for $200+GST 

    Applications Open March 4 2024!

No instruction, simply shredding with your new bike squad. With 12 hand-selected locations which rotate each week, Wednesday's are your day to gather, ride and enjoy the amazing guided single-track, the best Edmonton has to offer!

We've split the group into two set groups: Group A and Group B. Both groups go to the same locations throughout the course of the summer, just not at the same time. This allows us to offer more Shredder

membership spots and adhere to our group size limits!

At each groups location, there will continue to be two ride speeds/abilities: Cruisers and Zoomers. 



Hanging with some rad humans, riding bikes, enjoying the fresh air and challenging ourselves - thats what the Shredders ride group is all about. 


We've paired the Shredder's with two leaders per week. These trained leaders have no formal instructional certification, but hold first aid certification and have completed SheShreds specific training on group management, trail communications, health & safety protocols and risk management.


Participants will be assigned to a group (A or B) and groups will go to different locations each week. If you would like to be grouped with a friend, include that information in the your application. You will not be able to switch to the other group's location throughout the season.


Groups will be further divided into a faster (Zoomers) and a more relaxed pace (Cruisers) - your choice based on how you are feeling that week. Leaders will guide the group on trails in the area, based on a general route plan, but can decide to change course depending on conditions, weather or group energy levels. No formal distances will be met and no one is left behind. 


Leaders with first aid certification lead two ability groups (Cruisers and Zoomers) every week, starting and ending at the same location.


For example, on the same date: 

Group A: Emily Murphy Park,  Cruiser and Zoomer ride options

Group B: Strathcona Science Park, Cruiser and Zoomer ride options


A special type of magic happens in the forest with a supportive crew, for this reason we limit our Shredder participants to adult women and non-binary folks (we do have some awesome male coaches though!) If you identify as female or non-binary, know that you are welcome


Shredders meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm (find our Shredder's ride calendar here) from May to September.  Locations change weekly, rotating between 12 different locations, with lots of trails to choose from.  



The Shredder's ride is a strong beginner and intermediate level program. New to mountain biking and beginner riders are not recommended for this group. Please consider Bike School or join us at our clinics for some instruction on fundamentals or book a private lesson! 


This ride group is a great place to graduate to after the Bike School recommended program limit of two years. Comparing to the Bike School ability groups, the Cruisers group would be similar to the Rock Stars group with the faster ride (Zoomers) being similar but touching into the Hot Shots ability level. 

Consider your fitness level as well. As always, speak with your physician about starting any new physical activity. A health-based questionnaire is required by all Shredders. 

If you are a kick-ass advanced rider, contact us and we can direct you to another awesome ride group. If you are looking for lessons, we can also help you out with that!

Ability descriptions can be found here. Note that you can choose which ​ability group (Cruisers or Zoomers) to join from week to week, but leaders may ask for volunteers to move to better balance the group sizes. 


  • Arrive prepared to ride, dressed for the weather with all mandatory equipment (6:15 is the sweet spot!)

  • Observe all laws

  • Ride Responsibly - always be in control of your bike (drugs, cannabis, and alcohol are not permitted during SheShreds MTB events)

  • Be courteous to other trail users, ring your bell when approaching

  • Leave no trace and take care of our trails: no littering and no skidding

  • Leave a distance of 2 bike lengths between you and the rider in front of you

  • When stopped on the trail or sidewalk, pull over to the side to let others pass easily

  • Communicate with your ride group about traffic and route/trail intersections​

  • You are responsible for the rider behind you

  • Inform your ride leader if you are hurt, need to stop, or are leaving the ride early. Riders who leave are no longer covered by SheShreds MTB insurance and do so at their own risk

  • Buffs/masks are optional but riders are strongly encouraged to have them close at hand in case of an emergency. Other COVID-19 protocols can be found here

  • Carry your own tube, multi-tool and tire levers

  • Cheer on and bring up your fellow rider! We are all trying our best and facing our fears. Any mean spirited comments or actions will not be tolerated.

  • Cancellations will be posted on the members section of this website and emailed to members 2 hours prior to event start times. Shredder's rides will not run if lightning is present or AQHI is 7 or greater and cancelled immediately if lightning is sighted or AQHI increases to 7 or greater during event.



Our comprehensive insurance policy extends to include the guided components of our program (including the Shredder's ride). We are not affiliated with Alberta Bicycling Association (ABA)'s group ride insurance and do not offer their "Try-It-Out" ride coverage or a secondary membership. 


Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport, even with confidence and practice, and we want to be sure that if something were to happen, we are all protected. 


Life happens, for both our participants, our team at SheShreds. Things like pandemics, injuries, illness or our fickle prairie weather. Find out all your options here, prior to purchasing any of our services. 



2024 will be our 4th season offering the Shredder's ride program. Last year, the Shredders program sold out very quickly, So get those typing fingers ready!


Don't worry about the formality of an application - it's fun and silly, just like all of SheShreds. But once you open the page there is a 20 min time limit so make sure to hustle!

Registration opens Spring March 4th 2024! 

With the support of Revolution Cycle-Sherwood Park, 7 Summit Snacks, Ottalaus Inc, The Bridge Fit, Good Day Optics, SheShreds MTB is proud to offer you this awesome membership for $200 + taxes & fees.

Fees include:


  • Leaders with First Aid certification

  • 20 rides (less than $12 per ride)

  • Amazing discounts and perks from our Sponsors 

  • Comprehensive insurance that covers all participants 


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